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Software from a hobbyist developer

Welcome to Downloadtzz!
This place is where i, Externet, publish my created programs.
All programs you see here on this site are free and require .NET Framework 3.5 to run!
You can also find me on YouTube or Steam.


SysFileHistory is a Windows File History portable remake with a little more features. Like the Windows File History, it creates automatically incremental backups of your files.
In SysFileHistory you can add more backup drives and use NTFS filesystem compressions technology (Only available on drives with NTFS).
Now available in German too!

SmartPawn - Obfuscator 

SmartPawn is a basic Obfuscator for SourceMod.
SmartPawn obfuscated binaries still can be used on SourceMod 1.7
and higher.

Supports all basic Obfuscation techniques and even more:

-    Renaming

-    Constant Disintegration

-    String Encoding

-    Type Obfuscation

-    Control Flow Obfuscation

-    Function Proxy Obfuscation

-    Decompiler Protection

-    Metadata Overflow

-    Server Whitelist

-    Shuffle Functions

-    Optimizations

-    Stack Trace decoder

-    Debug-Removal & Invalid-Debug (Modified SourcePawn Compiler 1.6.3)

Required: SourcePawn non Transitional Syntax include files.

The Modified SourcePawn Compiler (Modified SourcePawn Compiler 1.6.3) source can be found here which is a slightly modified version of the orginal SourcePawn Compiler.

SmartPawn - Obfuscator Demonstration

BasicPawn - SourcePawn Editor

BasicPawn is a very lightweight and basic SourcePawn Editor that uses dynamic Autocompletion and IntelliSense like any other IDE or Advanced Editor. It supports SourcePawn, Transitional SourcePawn and even AMX Mod X. BasicPawn also has some special features like the simple debugger to debug your plugins and the plugin system to create your own BasicPawn plugins.

Windows Media Player Control

Control your Windows Media Player (or other Media Player) from your System-tray like in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

PNG to JPG Analysis

Image analysis tool that can batch convert PNG images to JPG and shows compression ratio.


Super simple image viewer that supports flash playback.